Our Philosophy

Sweetwater Kitchens’ philosophy can be summed up to simple sophistication.

Named after the stream that slowly ebbs outside the restaurant windows, we too take a simple approach to cooking; a watercourse way of cooking. Starting with fresh and local ingredients, we try to let them tell their own story rather than processing them beyond recognition. Food should be appreciated and respected, and tantamount to that, it’s a source of  energy and health. We also strongly believe it’s something to get creative with!

95% of all our ingredients used in Sweetwater Kitchen are organic. Our meats are sourced from the state of Utah and are also organic and / or pasture raised. Chef Eric Arballo has visited several of the farms himself and participated in a ‘butchering day’ to really become familiar with how meat moves from pasture to table.

Chef Arballo is an artist at heart and people gather around tables to experience his creations that are highlighted by spices and hand-picked herbs. He believes food is an art to be enjoyed by all the senses.

Vegans, vegetarians, and anyone with a food sensitivity will feel at home at Sweetwater Kitchen, we are able to cater to anyones’ requirements. Let your server know your needs and they will be fulfilled.

Chef Arballo loves creating the perfect menu for a special occasion. Menus for weddings, family reunions and retreats where every plate can satisfy all the personalities at the table is a task he enjoys tackling. To learn more about catering click here.



It all started when Chef Scott Ashley was invited to Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch by owners Ron Johnson and Brandie Hardman in the early 2000’s.

At that point, no one knew what a gem of a restaurant SWK was going to blossom into. A blend of years of experience in the kitchen, inspiration from one of the most unique, tranquil and iconic landscapes in the world, and abundance of fresh, organic ingredients has made Sweetwater Kitchen the place that many love today.

The Restaurant is currently being helmed by Eric Arballo, one of Scott Ashley’s apprentices at SWK for over 3 years. He is continuing the tradition and shares an immense passion not only for SWK, but for filling his patrons with the best possible food he can create.